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YouDig? is about constructing bridges from the past into the future, from mystery to knowledge and, above all, from Buckingham to YOU!

YouDig? is the active on-line component of Buckingham’s forward vision and spirit specifically for the construction industry.

At Buckingham we are very proud of our heritage rooted in over a century long journey as an exceptional Ohio law firm. We are not stopping now! We are driven to move forward with the vast energy from our history and our bubbling enthusiasm for the future. Our Real Estate and Construction Practice Group is determined to help our construction industry clients build and rebuild the great state of Ohio.

YouDig?  delivers pertinent  information and legal insight in a condensed light and entertaining manner which will help you identify legal issues affecting your projects. We are here for you.


John Swansinger

Buckingham Construction Partner

Creator and Chief Designer – YouDig?

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