Dear YouDig?

Dear YouDig?

Emergency!  We are in the middle of digging some deep trenches for an Ohio sewer project. I kid you not, we showed up this morning and there were at least 20 wild turkeys pacing and poking around in the trench. They looked like they were having a board meeting down there. How can we remove wild animals from our work site and get back to the task?

Ruffling Feathers


Dear Ruff,

You are facing some very determined birds, Ruff.  Your trench may have disrupted their habitat. Call the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife immediately.  Call the project owner and tell them of the delay. Pull out  your camera and snap some pics. Whatever you do… DO NOT TOUCH THE DAMN TURKEYS.  Document your delay, Ruff, in case you and the ODNR/DOW can’t quickly get those birds to fly the coop.  If they don’t leave, wait until Black Friday. Those birds are hiding and don’t want to end up on a platter.

Above all — Gratitude is the best attitude. YouDig?