Dear YouDig?

Dear YouDig? Readers,

We Dig Oscar season.  Here are 10 of the Best Picture winners and how they may help remind us of some best practices to avoid legal pitfalls on construction projects. You Dig?

  1. The Sting (1973): Perform Your Due Diligence.

Watch out for booby traps and fake fronts.

  1. The Godfather (1972): Know Who You Are Dealing With.

You don’t want to “swim with the fishes.

  1. Forrest Gump (1994): Find a Purpose and Focus.

Find your “Jenny” to motivate the team.

  1. Gone with the Wind (1939): Establish Tight Job Site Security.

Put your things away so they don’t blow away.

  1. No Country for Old Men (2007): Be Tech-Savvy.

Air hammers are more powerful and accurate than handheld.

  1. Titanic (1997): Adjust Quickly to Changes.

Don’t sink the project by failing to adjust swiftly.

  1. West Side Story (1961): Play Nice with Your Project Partners.

Sharks and Jets must get along.

  1. The Deer Hunter (1978): Start Quickly, Work Efficiently and Finish On Time.

Don’t let your project become your Vietnam!

  1. Gladiator (2000): Revenge Is Best Served Cold.

Seek justice only for what is right.

  1. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975): Don’t Burn Out

Escape from the asylum once in a while with your chums to get mind right.