Dear YouDig?

Construction and Connectivity ~ YouDig?

Dear Readers,

When we launched one year ago, the number one question we received was…

Who the Hec’ Are YOU?

You know us now! We will soon celebrate our One Year Anniversary at our Annual Real Estate and Construction Seminar.

  • YouDig? is the active on-line component of Buckingham’s forward vision and spirit specifically for CONSTRUCTION.
  • YouDig? is about CONSTRUCTING bridges from the past into the future, from mystery to knowledge and, above all, from Buckingham to YOU!
  • Oh and yes… YouDig? is “CONNECTIVITY”

Dear YouDig? connects our clients to vital issues affecting their daily work.

YouDig? Events connects and welcomes our clients, friends and community to interact and develop new relationships to enhance their daily work.

We DigYou!  Launching soon. We will highlight industry leaders who demonstrate the premium values and work ethic in construction.

Thank YOU… for reading, for caring, for “sharing” and “liking” for the past year! Our readership has skyrocketed and we are not stopping here!

We remain, as always, at your service!

John Swansinger
Buckingham Partner
Creator and Founder YouDig?