Dear YouDig?

Dear You Dig?,

We are a subcontractor installing and servicing high powered manufacturing equipment. Lately, the bid packages include verbose, incomprehensible legalease, which frankly, makes my eyes water and my mind wander. The last one was 25 pages of hieroglyphics, which was presented at the last minute. We wanted the business so we ignored the language, signed it and moved on. Something doesn’t feel right. What should we be looking for?



Dear Crying,

We are going to make you sob even more Crying. Never ever, ever, ever blindly sign a complex legal document. You are setting your company up with a time bomb. It may not be this contract or the next, but eventually the unexpected will happen and you will be playing the crying game to bankruptcy court.

Crying, are you an expert versed on the nuances of these 10 critical construction contract clauses? (If not …call an attorney or shed the tears, YouDig?):