Dear YouDig?

Dear YouDig?,

We are a subcontractor and we pride ourselves on being ethical and fair in all aspects of our business. Why is it then that we seem to end up getting burned by dishonest, shady, disgusting creeps? A liar about change orders. A forged check. Overstatements on their ability to do the job. Revisionist historians. Offensive idiots that are generally disgusting to be around.

What is happening in this world and what can we do about it?

-Creep Buster

Dear CB,
The world is happening. The creeps have always been there. The world, the construction industry and every single person in it are facing struggles from the impact of Covid and the otherwise changing business environment. Once under this pressure, the “inner creep” of many of our colleagues may well be sticking its hand out of the grave.

In construction, we preach the importance of trust and loyalty in all business relations. And yes … it is worth more than 10% on the deal or a few bucks on the back end. You let the creeps in when you associate with business partners strictly on price. Associations built on honor and integrity will always pay off in the end. Stay close to the long-term allies. Root for them in their efforts. Partner with them when you can in business and in the community. Work to build the trust so you don’t have to risk the reach of the creep.

If you must bring a stranger in then …VET VET VET.  Protect the initial deals with good credit terms and firm, clear contracts. Approach the relationship as an early courtship. Trust but verify.  Build it from there. If the creep shows up… close the casket, YouDig?