Dear YouDig?

Dear YouDig?,
We are an old school company. We admit that we have not adopted technology as fast as we should. Our president believed that a lot of the “fake news” reports out there were made to scare us into stupid purchases. He feels things cost too much. Well, guess what? We just got hacked. Yes, someone somewhere (in a basement?) hacked into our server and gained access to our database including everything from our clients’ financial information, profit and loss statement and the names of our employees’ kids. The victims are furious. Our CTO just got broomed, our shareholders are not whistlin’ dixie and the president is AWOL. I am next in line. Now what?
-Captain Backfire
Dear Captain,
Cyber security is the real deal. Yes, there are a lot of fake people out there robbing you on fear but be assured cyber attacks are also real. Captain Backfire? … Make this a BUDGET ITEM. Invest in firewalls, experienced technical advisors, educational efforts and even insurance to help prevent the risk of malware, phishing, ransomware or some other crazy attack from hitting your bottom line. For now, you should be in damage control AND planning for the future. Captain, you have your hands full and can’t do it alone. You will immediately need to engage well reputed cyber security professionals to put you back in place otherwise you won’t be the Cap for long. YouDig?