Dear YouDig?

Dear YouDig?,

Long story short, we have major problems with our HVAC. When it’s warm out it’s too cold in. When it’s cold out … that’s right … it’s warm in. We call contractors in to adjust. They climb into the ceiling, fiddle around a bit and then come down and say “problem solved.”

Naturally, they then leave an invoice and take off. We say “see ya soon” because we know … the problems will start up again and again and again. Our staff needs five changes of clothes for adapting to the changing indoor weather conditions. We are tired of the climate drama in house. Why so much tinkering? Are these HVAC contractors running some kind of a scam?


Dear Goldilocks,
You face a common problem, Goldie. Some are freeze babies and some run hot. Some are both. Either way, the changing temps are sure to support the full employment of HVAC professionals. Key word for you is “professional.” Ohio requires certain types of specialty contractors to have licenses and HVAC is one of them. Also on the list are contractors in the complicated areas of refrigeration, electrical, plumbing and hydronics.  Make sure you have one next time you make that call. There could be a manufacturer’s problem, a warranty you can benefit from or a simple fix. Don’t just accept their word that everything is “A-OK.” Get the right team and everything will be “just right,” YouDig?