Dear YouDig?

Dear YouDig?,
We are a major landscape subcontractor. With a lot of new construction going on we have turned the corner after several very tough years. We have successfully completed several high dollar projects, have several in the pipeline and are hiring at all levels of our support operations. We have developed a strong base of sub-contractors. One area of annoyance:  each project creates its own set of form sub-contracts and we are landscapers, not attorneys. We don’t have time to constantly be in a negotiation over terms and conditions.
-We’re Jammin’
Dear We’re Jammin’,
Congrats on the rise of your business and optimism for the future.  During “good times” double down … on good business practices, that is. Many firms get sloppy when the cash is flowing.  Instead, keep jammin’ and deepen your foundation for a continued success and solidify your ability to weather the next storm (and there will be a storm).   This winning streak puts you in a great negotiating position. Use the power.  Approach each of your preferred sub-contractors and demand a single agreement for  use on all projects (commonly known as a “Master Service Agreement” (MSA)).   You and your sub will only negotiate the MSA once to establish risk allocation, project procedure.   When work arises, you  simply use a purchase order and incorporate the MSA. Your subs will be jamming too. Good Vibes Mon’ … YouDig?