Dear YouDig?

Dear YouDig?

We are in the middle of a pandemic. The unemployment rate is higher than it has been in years. We are lucky to have a lot of work going on and are eager to do it. Our problem is finding workers and when we do find them  they just don’t “get after it.” They either quit or, are so lame, get canned.  So we are constantly chasing our tail.  The problem worsens when all of the work falls on the motivated who often burn out and leave. Any bright ideas for this one?

Abled Body Conundrum

Dear ABC,

If you truly want to develop a winning team don’t hire people as commodities.  Hire more gummers. What the heck are gummers you ask? Gummers will get down on their knees and scrape that nasty piece of dirty old gum off your customer’s floor (or your floor) without being asked (extend as a metaphor on your own). They do it because they are proud. They do it because scraping that disgusting ABC gum off that floor makes YOU look good. They know that when you look good … THEY LOOK GOOD.  Gummers know that “it’s not my job” is not a business plan.  The world needs more gummers. Your solution is to communicate that only gummers need apply. Hiring  folks who are just looking for a paycheck does not produce gummers. If you want a gummer, ask them directly before your hire them.  Are you a GUMMER????  Listen carefully to their answer.  Deep down, you know what we all know… gummers become winners (and often CEOs, owners, leaders and inventors), YouDig?