Dear YouDig?

It’s OUR “Field of Dreams”

Dear YouDig?

My girlfriends and I are from Chicago, and we just completed an amazing trip to Cleveland to see our Cubbies win the World Series. We read that YouDig? is based in Cleveland. We were shocked at the incredible hospitality of the people we met and had a blast partying in Cleveland’s happening downtown for a few days. How did we, as long-suffering Cub fans, not know about this well-kept secret? When and how did all this happen in CLE?

-Cubbie Bear.

Dear Cubbie Bear,

It’s true. YouDig? seeks to serve all but when it comes to sports we are “ALL IN CLE.” You just experienced our “Field of Dreams.” We built it. You came. Thank you. Ya’ll please come back now, ya here?  Remember one important number: 13,181.

Northeast Ohio should always remember May 8, 1990 as the day the public decided to build the now omnipresent “Field of Dreams.” The financing of the Gateway Project would have likely been doomed if the recession-battered, financially-stressed Northeast Ohio voters didn’t narrowly pass the so-called “Sin Tax” on tobacco and alcohol sales in Cuyahoga County. Instead they decided to build it. The “Sin-Tax” (always controversial) created the foundation for the construction, maintenance and improvements of what is now Progressive Field, The Q Arena and supporting areas and infrastructure. The voters approved the “Sin-Tax” by a mere 13,181 votes (198,390 to 185,209).

These voters approved the public’s portion of a complex public private financing plan that created the foundation for many of the public and private treasures we are now enjoying in CLE. Visionary or lucky? Doesn’t matter now, Cubbie Bear!

Had the voters not approved the “Sin Tax” in 1990, we are left to wonder how different Cleveland and Northeast Ohio would be now? Would there be three World Series, three NBA Championships and numerous playoff runs? LeBron? Would there be a Republican National Convention in Cleveland in 2016? Would there be a massive increase in downtown living? Would there be marinas, museums and historic theater renovations? Would there be a food town? A river front development? A new football team (ok… easy now)? There are still numerous redevelopment plans on the drawing board, and if you have any ideas, Cubbie Bear, send them on.

I dare say “congrats” on your title Cubbie Bear. C’mon back and bring a crew! YouDig?