Dear YouDig?

Dear YouDig?

Freedom? The laws of construction sure don’t provide “Freedom.” It’s more like law prison.  What gives?


Dear MAGA,

You are wrong. Freedom is everywhere in construction. MAGA, we say that America IS great and has been.  America affords opportunities and protections to developers, contractors and anyone willing to work hard.  Our freedoms are unheard of in most of the world. So, open your eyes, don’t be a downer, and smile like you mean it. It won’t hurt. In the spirit of Independence Day, here are 7 freedoms 4 you to remember:

  1. Freedom to Succeed –  Are you getting too much sleep?  Wake up MAGA.  You make good deals when you negotiate to be great. It’s up to you.
  2. Freedom to Contract – Are you in a rush? Don’t like the term or don’t like ‘them’ – Don’t sign it!
  3. Freedom to Change – Are you in the right business?  Who can wear a navy blue suit every day?  Change can be great.  Try a different business model or even start a different business.
  4. Freedom to Associate  – Do you choose your friends wisely? You like them, use them again! You don’t like them … see ya’
  5. Freedom to Sue their *** – Do you know when “it’s on?” If they mess with you, there are courthouses in every county and plenty of lawyers with mortgages to pay.
  6. Freedom to Gossip –  Do you have all the information you need? We Dig that First Amendment. Before you sign, speak up to inform then listen carefully and become informed.
  7. Freedom to Try Again –  Do you have resiliency?  You try, you fail, you try again. That is the attitude MAGA.

Let Freedom Ring.