Dear YouDig?

Materials Handling

Dear YouDig?

We are a stone supplier. We have successfully moved stone all around the world without incident, that is….until last week. A shipment of magnificent granite from China was on its way to a high end, fast track hotel project in Cleveland when it sank in the Indian Ocean. Thankfully, all of the crew were saved before the vessel went down. The stone, however, is at the bottom of the sea. What do we do to mitigate the impact of this disaster?

-The Tiger is Pi


Dear TIP,

YD? is grateful that the crew is safe and we are here only to reflect on this tragic story of treasures lost or simply returned to the earth. As a prominent material provider you know there is no time to waste… you must grab the scheduling tiger by the tail. The stone sunk but the project moves on. Communicate and mitigate so you limit the risk that you will be forced to, (dirty word warning) litigate. You have a contract with terms and conditions – communicate with counsel to understand your commitment. Losses of this nature are usually insured by world-wide suppliers like you – communicate with your insurer to verify coverage. Your client’s fancy stone is on the bottom of the sea – communicate with your owner – to keep your customer. The fancy stone is not coming off the bottom of the sea any time soon – mitigate– find new stone that your client likes, (like…yesterday) before they find a supplier whose ships don’t sink, YouDig?