Dear YouDig?

Ohio School Facilities

Dear YouDig?

We have managed to work our way through Ohio facilities projects for years. Although it is like herding cats, we always manage to get it done and move forward. In recent years, Ohio has reformed construction contracting protocol for public buildings like schools, libraries and arenas. Was the change really necessary?

– The Cat Shepard


Dear Shepard,

Ohio Construction Reform (fka HB 153) created a platform for many Ohio public project owners to select alternative delivery methods and, from all accounts, has been very successful. Previously, the traditional methods of prime contractor or multiple prime contractors were the only options and were often inefficient, especially in fast-paced, tightly scheduled projects with significant owner involvement. You are soooo right, never forget, all projects are inherently like herding cats regardless of the delivery method.

OCR allows public project owners to make a business decision on who is best equipped to be the shepherd. The size of the project and timing concerns often dictate the decision. In any case, if the cats collaborate, on time and on budget projects are much more possible, right? Hold on now, Shep…do you know many cats that will collaborate? I didn’t think so.

The only way to get the project to land on its feet is to do whatever you can to consistently have all key players involved and informed. Technology should be utilized to support the sharing of information to enhance efficiencies. Beyond promises on price and schedule, public owners should only look to proven design builders, CM’s, architects and general contractors which have established the ability to create a job culture of respect and trust. The project will purr like a kitten with the right project culture. YouDig?