Dear YouDig?

Dear YouDig?,

We are here in Rio. That’s right… Rio De Janeiro.  Years ago we were presented with the opportunity (misfortune or good fortune tbd) of being  part of the construction team building an arena, athlete housing  and a portion of the media center for the 2016 Summer Olympics.  For years now we managed to meet ridiculous deadlines while also dealing with the construction standards that are, frankly rubbish:  the Zika bug, dirty water, unmotivated workers and, shall we say,  an “unorthodox”  bureaucratic gauntlet.  Finally, on August 5th,  the eve of the opening ceremonies, we turned over the project to the Brazilian government.  How should we celebrate this monumental accomplishment?

– Her Name Was Lola

Dear Lola,

Sounds like you and your team need a few days to relax! Head directly to Copacabana Beach and blame it on Rio. Don’t let the spirit overcome you though because by all accounts the construction of the Rio Olympic facilities is sure to be heavily scrutinized in the weeks and months to come.  Numerous structures were delivered before true substantial completion.  A nasty breeding  ground for zika viral-like litigation develops when facilities are pre-maturely forced into use.  If any of your Olympic projects fall into that category, we hope you weren’t distracted by all that Rio offers. Before you turned your work over to the Owner, you should have documented in great detail the stages of your work (and remaining work). You should have done everything possible to assure the safety of the users and reserved your rights at every turn.  Finally Lola, prior to your first piña colada, please make sure you place a team of experts in position to handle emergencies and manage your continued dealings with the “unorthodox bureaucrats” you mention.   When the party is over, the real games may begin as those same bureaucrats you sought to pacify may start pointing the finger of responsibility at you.  Don’t let them point at you because you went dancing.  YouDig?