Dear YouDig?

Dear YouDig?

A few years ago, out of college, I passionately pursued and attained a career in construction technology and have been doggedly working my way up the industry ladder ever since.  We sell a mobile software product that is a lock to drastically improve information management, quality, speed and overall project performance but no one will listen to me!  Seems everyone in construction is old and gray and stuck in their own ways.  It is a massive struggle and I am considering bartending, Uber or even fast food! What say you?

-Chips With That?

Dear Chips,

Three words.  “STORIES AND MONEY.” A great man once told me to be successful I needed to “… go to work and don’t come home until you have STORIES AND MONEY.”   No one said it would be easy and you’re damn right it is a struggle for a younger professional like you. The construction industry IS very fast paced from design to completion and very slow to change. Projects have tight schedules and few have time to engage new tech. In fact, most would admit they have barely utilized what is already old tech. Chips, stay out of the bars, the cars and the golden arches.  Double down and get out there. Don’t come home until you find the progressives of the industry.  Show them how they can learn your product easily and make money. Then come back with YOUR Story and YOUR Money.  YouDig?