Dear YouDig?

Happy 4th Birthday to Dear YouDig?
Dear Readers,
Our first bi-weekly release was in late spring of 2016. We have come a long way!

We remain committed to our mission to illuminate important legal issues facing the construction industry with a mix of lightness and fun.

And why not? History (and Twitter) has shown us that life is short and sometimes can be “heavy”… YouDig?

So we had a birthday party.

We celebrated 4 years and 100 Dear YouDig? Releases/Q&A articles in a chaotic ZOOM meeting over the weekend.
There were our imaginary characters and an imaginary cake available for imaginary enjoyment. We documented our celebration with the, now mandatory and cliché’, Zoom screen shot.

A special thank you to my friends and colleagues Jen Carro and Erin Myers of Buckingham’s spirited and amazing marketing team for all the support of some crazy ideas!And readers, thank you for the indulgence.

We look forward helping you navigate the quickly evolving and critical issues in the weeks, months and years to come!