Dear YouDig?

Dear Friend,
Wow, have I missed you. Sure, I’ve seen you around but YOU are not the YOU I know.

Heck, the fallout from the coronavirus “enemy” has rocked the foundation of well … EVERYTHING. Well, turns out, our construction industry is a critical part of EVERYTHING. Just a short while ago, there was a mountain of construction work. Most of your decisions impacted the bottom line north of the break-even point. Employment shortages were the number one issue you faced. Suddenly, out of the blue, the entire industry faces existential decisions. Literally, all bets are off and you are pissed. Honestly, I hate to see you like this.

C’mon now … shake it off. Don’t forget you build things. You are resilient. You thrive on adversity. At your core, you are a fighter. You have always been aggressive … smartly so. You built an amazing business and life through initiative. When you face challenges, you find, fight and crush your enemy. You declare victory and move on. You are a winner.

For now, you, like many, feel confounded. Your usual tenacity is met with either silence and separation or anger and confusion. You can’t find the “enemy” in order to fight it. You are a problem solver but you have no solutions. You can’t beat the “enemy” on your terms. Your mind spins and you punch the air. Nothing there. No help. No way to predict what will happen. You can’t believe that you are stuck in the middle of an unexpected and horrific sea change. A storm is brewing in your heart.

You are usually self-reliant, but smartly, you are looking for guidance. Damn if you aren’t getting mixed messages. Your elected leaders are not aligned. Agencies designed to protect you have their own points of view. Your trusted advisors are befuddled.

Oh, and let’s not forget that members of your workforce are managing their own fears and viewpoints, adding more stress to the project environment. Of course you want to keep workers and their families safe. You want to keep working. You want your people to get paid. You want your team to get along and work together. You want your projects and life to go forward as normal as soon as possible. You want to compete, make money and help the community. For the first time in your life you feel that there is nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide and you are pissed.

It’s time to drop the anger and rise up like the great pro you are.Show everyone that you have this. Channel your energy to impact your financial and operational fundamentals to establish the foundations for future growth. Look only forward. Remember, avoid the anger and the blame game (self-pity) or all you will get is personal and professional misery.

Beat the grief and WIN. YouDig? #denialbargaining#depression#acceptance