Dear YouDig?

Crazy Jimmy? Get him Outta’ Here!
Removing A Contractor’s Wacky Employee From Your Project

Dear YouDig?,

We have a great ongoing relationship with a General Contractor. They have a team doing something for us almost every day. All has been smooth… that is… until recently when they brought a new worker to our plant. This guy is a real treat. Every day a disruption! While working he shouts obscenities. He bangs his lunch box on our supply cages. He teases our line workers about their weight. He harasses our female employees. At lunch he is the king of sophomoric gags, goofy jokes, lame impressions and absurd braggadocio. Just yesterday he backed his pick-up truck into our CEO’s Mercedes… and drove off! Our superintendent calls him “Crazy Jimmy” and he has GOT… TO… GO! Unfortunately, he is not our employee! Sure, we complain, but apparently this wack-job has skills or connections. How do we get our GC to dump this dude?

-We Don’t Do Crazy

Dear We Don’t,

Most of us have a Crazy Jimmy in our life, usually a cousin. Not bad company at a holiday gathering… until your Crazy Jimmy starts drinking, dancing, over-eating and eventually, twirling Grandma around like she is 25 again. Yes… those are the Crazy Jimmies of the world. You, as an Owner of a construction project, should build into your GC agreement the right to remove a “Crazy Jimmy” and any other visiting employee, at your sole discretion! You may have to settle for a removal with “advanced notice” or  “for good cause shown.” Either way, set it up so you will be able to send Crazy Jimmy out of your plant and home to tango with Grandma to his heart’s desire.