Dear YouDig?

Title: Subcontractors? – No Excuses

Dear YouDig?

We pride ourselves on great relationships with our subcontractors. We play it straight with them. If they do the job, they get paid. Unfortunately we are seeing an up-tick in excuses for slow or poor performance.  We know we have contract rights, but we don’t like to spend more time with lawyers than we do with our jobs. How do we manage the “excuse generation?”

-Dog Ate It

Dear Dog,

Let’s first review what the excuses really mean:

We couldn’t get there today.       “We took the crew to happy hour.
The materials haven’t arrived.    “We used your materials on another  job.”
The colors don’t match.               “The Painter is going through a divorce.”
The drawings are wrong.             “Forcing you to look at plans while sub attends football game.”
We can’t get people.                      “We like the other guy’s job better than yours.”

Dog, each of these excuses are a matter of disrespect to your job. YOU do what YOU say you will do. THEY should do what THEY say they will do. Incorporate interim project performance milestones coupled with a firm daily liquidated damages clause. We don’t mean a $1 excuse jar, Dog. We mean significant consequences to THEM so YOU don’t get bit on the behind.