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Special 3-part Series: Part I – Be Bright! Live in the Light

Topic: Be Bright! Live in the Light!


BULLETIN: Highway construction zones are among the most dangerous places on earth.

Today we begin our 3 part “Dear YouDig?” Series to Highlight Highway Construction Safety.

Part I:  Be Bright! Live in the Light

Part II:   Not So Fast Speedie

Part III: Drop that Phone You Drunken Fool


Dear YouDig?

I am  a highway patrol officer. It’s now road construction season. Most are enjoying the warmer weather and traveling to see friends and family. Sadly, every construction season we see catastrophic accidents in our interstate highway construction zones.

We were recently called to a nighttime scene where a couple in a sedan rear ended a slow moving dump truck while it hauled materials from a highway construction site. The contractor properly marked with reflective tape, all lights were working and the driver was operating the truck carefully. The truck, however, became progressively dirty throughout its trips. The reflective tape and lights were dimmed by mud and dust. Traveling across country, the couple was speeding, didn’t see the slow moving truck in time and could not avoid the collision. Tragically, both died from their injuries at the scene.

I know there are many construction zone safety laws… but still the accidents.  Any tips for contractors and the public?

-Stay Safe



Cyber Security Isn’t Fake News

Dear YouDig?,
We are an old school company. We admit that we have not adopted technology as fast as we should. Our president believed that a lot of the “fake news” reports out there were made to scare us into stupid purchases. He feels things cost too much. Well, guess what? We just got hacked. Yes, someone somewhere (in a basement?) hacked into our server and gained access to our database including everything from our clients’ financial information, profit and loss statement and the names of our employees’ kids. The victims are furious. Our CTO just got broomed, our shareholders are not whistlin’ dixie and the president is AWOL. I am next in line. Now what?
-Captain Backfire


You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Dear YouDig?,
We were just hired to construct  part of a stage and sound system for a concert by the management team of a famous rock n’ roll group that is coming to Ohio this summer (we can’t name the band but it sounds like “Bowling Tones”).  They gave us a deadline of mid-summer. We were shocked to learn recently that our supplier won’t have many of the electronic materials in time to meet the deadline.  Any suggestions?


7 Things that we Love (oops) Dig


Dear Luvvvers of All That is Good About Construction,

It has been rumored that the construction industry is filled with the most romantic people on earth. We dig the romantics out there. Valentine’s Day is a bit of a respite from winter’s grip on construction projects. YouDig? offers you 7 things we love to make your heart beat a little quicker this cold winter’s day.