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Getting it “just right” with contractors

Dear YouDig?,

Long story short, we have major problems with our HVAC. When it’s warm out it’s too cold in. When it’s cold out … that’s right … it’s warm in. We call contractors in to adjust. They climb into the ceiling, fiddle around a bit and then come down and say “problem solved.”

Naturally, they then leave an invoice and take off. We say “see ya soon” because we know … the problems will start up again and again and again. Our staff needs five changes of clothes for adapting to the changing indoor weather conditions. We are tired of the climate drama in house. Why so much tinkering? Are these HVAC contractors running some kind of a scam?



Escalation Clauses– Don’t Get Caught Napping!

Ok, as a design-builder we all know that the supply chain delays and material shortages are for real. Well, you guessed it, the price of the steel package went through the roof on our largest GMP project. We asked for a CO based on force majeure but the owner ghosted us.
Apparently, there is no specific reference to price escalations in the FM clause. Is this legit or were we caught snoozing during the contract negotiation? Are we going to get stuck with eating 25% increase in our steel package unless we can win some sort of claim? And, what gives with the one-sided escalation?
Caught Napping?


7 Things that we Love (oops) Dig


Dear Luvvvers of All That is Good About Construction,

It has been rumored that the construction industry is filled with the most romantic people on earth. We dig the romantics out there. Valentine’s Day is a bit of a respite from winter’s grip on construction projects. YouDig? offers you 7 things we love to make your heart beat a little quicker this cold winter’s day.


Happy Thanksgiving – Gratitude is the Best Attitude … You Dig?

Dear YouDig?

Emergency!  We are in the middle of digging some deep trenches for an Ohio sewer project. I kid you not, we showed up this morning and there were at least 20 wild turkeys pacing and poking around in the trench. They looked like they were having a board meeting down there. How can we remove wild animals from our work site and get back to the task?

Ruffling Feathers



Making Jack Talk – The Attorney Client Privilege

Dear YouDig?,
I am dealing with a very sensitive problem related to a large project. Someone on our team may have (and I emphasize MAY) done something that could put us in jeopardy. I don’t like to hire lawyers. Who does? I am not sure I can trust anyone to help solve this problem. This time I need to have a candid discussion about our risks and my sense is I shouldn’t fly solo. Can I trust that what I tell my attorney stays between us? What is the “attorney client privilege” in the real world? I can’t afford any leaks on this one.
– Jack in the Trick Box