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The Power of a Decision

Dear YouDig?,

We have been very successful in constructing strip centers throughout the Midwest. Our success has brought us many opportunities to venture into other areas. We always stay in our lane and reject these opportunities, until now. A majority of our members voted to begin seeking hospital construction projects because of a key relationship. Most of our team has never constructed a hospital. We have many who disagree with this decision. So far the learning curve is weighing us down on ALL of our work let alone the two new large hospital projects we are on. There is some grumbling. How do we press on without a revolt?

-Strange Man in a Strange Land



The Abominable Ate My Project – Builder’s Risk Insurance

Dear YouDig?

We are thrilled to be adding a four story children’s wing to our hospital. Construction was progressing well and near completion. Last week a blizzard with sub-zero temperatures blew through. When we returned to the site after the storm it looked like the abominable snow man wreaked havoc on our new wing. Power went out. Pipes froze and burst on the top floor. Windows were smashed.  Part of the roof detached. There was massive water damage on the fourth floor … and the third floor … and the second floor … and the first floor. The basement was an icy lake. It looks like months before we can open up. Our insurance advisor says Builder’s Risk insurance should cover this. What do you say?

– Ice Man


Don’t Hire Pinocchio – He Lies.

Dear YouDig?,

Seriously, we run into contractors that will lie, lie, lie and then after taking a breath will lie some more. They did the work. They followed specs. They received verbal authority. They have the troops. They can meet the deadline.  We get stuck burning precious time deciphering their line of **** instead of working out our project.  The lies often turn into a bizarre 2-3 year legal odyssey.  How do you deal with a liar up front?

-Truth Seeker


Trust – but verify

Dear YouDig?

We are a well-established and successful multi-national manufacturer. We sought to hire a certain specialty construction firm to be general contractor for several of our plant expansions. Well, we started exchanging contract language and out of nowhere, they demanded that we give “reasonable evidence of our financial arrangements” up front. They also want to look over our shoulder while the project is progressing. This really puts our management team off as the last thing we need is our contractor having tailor made excuses to slow down the work to find “reasonable evidence.” Are we being worked over?

-No Financial Leverage