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You Can’t Always Get What You Want

Dear YouDig?,
We were just hired to construct  part of a stage and sound system for a concert by the management team of a famous rock n’ roll group that is coming to Ohio this summer (we can’t name the band but it sounds like “Bowling Tones”).  They gave us a deadline of mid-summer. We were shocked to learn recently that our supplier won’t have many of the electronic materials in time to meet the deadline.  Any suggestions?


Credit Practices 101 – Don’t Slip Up: Perfect Your Lien Rights

Guess what?  There is a beautiful new ice arena at a major university in Ohio. We know because we supplied the materials, labor and installation services of the entire ice rink including the sub floor heave protection, the piping systems, the boards and the glass. Guess what else?  They refuse to pay us citing everything from “the ice melts too fast” to the “funds aren’t yet available.”  Tired of excuses, we want to be paid. What should we do?

-On Skates


Unfair retainage

Dear YouDig?,

We are finishing up a contract to start a piece of a big project. The owner is pushing for a 10 percent retainer of all of our payments. It does not seem fair as most of our costs are front loaded and most of our work will be done in the early months of the project. We tried to eliminate the retainage but the Owner is holding the line. Is it a case of “What’s theirs is theirs” “What’s ours is theirs?”

It doesn’t seem right that we should be used as a financier and carry a big chunk of the cost for completed work. What can we do?

-Ours is Ours!



Pierce the Veil and Get to Mr. Shade

Dear YouDig?

When we first met, the contractor’s owner pulled into the site in his tricked out red pickup and promised us the stars and the moon. Unfortunately, all we ended up with was the pits! We ended up with a leaky roof, subcontractor liens, delays, deviation from the plans, lack of communication, over billings and just plain old shiftiness. The flippin’ ceilings were cut short by 8 inches! We canned them and hired a replacement – at a much higher price! Now we want to sue for the extra cost but, low and behold, Mr. Shade’s Ohio corporation went belly up. Can we sue and collect against Mr. Shade individually? I’ll take that red pickup to start.

-Played by Mr. Shade