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Island Time

Dear YouDig?

We build interstates. We always have a need for good hard working laborers. Yesterday the hall sent us four workers. The first one to walk in was a Rastafarian sporting a wrist full of colorful hemp bracelets and dread locks hanging long down his back (btw – an odd look with a construction hat). The other three were bald. I told him, “You want to work? Tie up the dreads, and take off the bracelets.  We don’t want those locks getting caught in one of our conveyors. Could realllly slow down the job… You know what I mean?” He didn’t like my conditions and went home. Today I received a complaint from the hall… something about his religious freedom. He has to follow our rules…right?

-Not Living On Island Time


Pigs get roasted

Dear YouDig?,
We just finished a project where and  thought we paid all of our subcontractors.  About a month after completion, our accounting department however found that our drywall sub submitted invoices a while back but we failed to pay them.   Later they sent us a mistaken bill that for some reason showed they were paid in full. Looks like they made a mistake in their billing. We have a clause that states that if we don’t get a bill within 90 days then they waive payment. What obligation do we have to call this to their attention?
– Error In Our Favor?


The Power of cookies. I’ll take 3, YouDig?

Dear YouDig?,
We built a beautiful new building. Our customers and employees love it.  What many of them don’t know is that the “AC” part of the HVAC is jacked up and summer is a-comin’. I complained and the GC came to my office with a tray of cookies and blamed it on “my” design criteria.  My project manager thinks his subs were deficient. I like cookies but I don’t like BS. How is it my fault that the building is a sauna? What should I do to exit the blame game and get the building I want?
-Cookie Man


Must be done on time? Don’t get burned!

Dear YouDig?

We decided to expand our plant to meet the needs of a major international customer. This is a game changer for us. We MUST have the expansion completed within 10 months in order to meet the client’s demands or WE LOSE THE DEAL.   We are about to sign off on a construction contract.  What can we do to assure that contractor finishes on time.

-Hot Seat


Millennials and The Future of Skilled Labor

Millennials and The Future of Skilled Labor


Dear YouDig?,

We are finding it extremely difficult to find quality workers in specialized trades. Our design team finds some amazing designs to install for our clients and we also find some specialized materials. Then we have trouble securing quality specialized installers.  Ultimately, we end up with budget issues, delays or sloppy workmanship that puts us at odds with our customer.  What is causing this?

-Got Talent?