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Design Builder – Style Points

Dear YouDig?

We are a design builder with jobs throughout Ohio and the Midwest. We have noticed an increase in workplace discrimination and hostility on many of the jobs we are running. This is definitely not our style but seems uncontrollable. What responsibility, if any do we have to eliminate or reduce the risk of this becoming a problem for us or our clients? Style Points.


Shocked – Electric Contractor

Get Paid

Dear YouDig?

We are an electric subcontractor and for years we worked all over Ohio. We are happy to get the work but so often we can’t get paid. Seems like the little guy always gets stiffed. What are we doing wrong? – Shocked.


Be a lion.

Dear YouDig?

We are a commercial design builder. We strive for greatness in all of our work. Even still we end up with complaints and a ton of close out issues on virtually every project. I know, that is the norm. The time wasted is maddening. Certain members of our counsel are in favor of paying off everyone and avoiding litigation even if the owner is wrong.  Where is the threshold for swallowing our pride and caving?



My Dog Can’t Sleep – Issues of Construction Noise and Nuisance

Dear YouDig?

I am retired and live with my wife in what I thought was a bucolic neighborhood in beautiful Ohio City, that is, until now. We heard through the grapevine that a new business was coming into our city and bordering our neighborhood. There were some public hearings on this, but as retirees we don’t get around too well and didn’t think we would need to attend. It turns out the new business is a stone crushing plant owned by… let’s call them the “Bad Guys.”

Now every weekday, all day long, the Bad Guys are crushing stone for construction material.  BANG, BANG, BANG… over and over and over again! There are engines of heavy equipment constantly roaring in the distance. There is no peace. Our heads are pounding. Even my dog is losing his mind. By the time it ends on Friday afternoon, I am on my last nerve. I can’t take it anymore. It is pure torture. It is driving me to drink. How can this be?

-Good Guy


Celebrating 5 Years

Dear “Dear YouDig?” Readers,

Today we celebrate our 5 year anniversary of launching Dear YouDig?

From day one, the goal of YouDig? was, is and will always remain “Construction and Connectivity.” While we don’t even own a shovel, we strive to play our part in identifying issues, bringing industry players together and having fun.

We love to see things built!
Thank you for your loyalty and readership along the way. The best is yet to come for all!

/s/ John Swansinger,
Founder YouDig?Author Dear YouDig?

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