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Flushing Out Prevailing Party Clauses

Dear YouDig?,
We just went through a ridiculous three-year odyssey with our commercial plumbing contractor on a 250 unit housing development. Plumber failed in designing its work, installing its work and, even when asked nicely, correcting its work. It was so bad that when we test flushed a toilet, the garage door opened and distant bells tolled. Well something like that. Anyway, we finally hired a replacement to make it right. The original plumber then had the gall to sue us based upon some crazy theory that we gave them bad criteria. We countered. Three years and hundreds of thousands of dollars later we “won” in court. We feel we should get our attorneys’ fees paid. Our lawyers say, “tough luck.” What is this nonsense?


5 Tips for Top Gun Subcontractors (don’t get your goose cooked)

Dear YouDig?,
Our “Top Gun” bid team is thrilled to have secured a prime plumbing subcontractor on a new hospital project. One problem, the general contractor trashed our form. We are stuck with a mind boggling 60 page subcontract that references another 80 page AIA prime contract. Should we try to change it or should we “sign and drive” and just get on with it? We hate to lose work on lawyer issues.


Special 3-part Series: Part III – Slow Down and Stop Texting You Drunken Fool

We continue our 3 part “Dear YouDig?” Series to Highlight Highway Construction Safety.

Part III:   Slow Down and Stop Texting You Drunken Fool

Dear YouDig?,

The scene is familiar. It is night in an active road construction zone. The lights are bright. The lanes are narrow. There is heavy traffic in both directions. It may be raining. Vision is difficult. The road is not smooth. Some drivers are simply speeding. Let’s be truthful–others are speeding, texting, eating, driving with their knees, singing, drunk or on drugs.

Is there a more dangerous place in our daily lives? I know there are stiff laws for drunks and druggies. But distracted driving is a conscious decision and could be even worse. How do we stop these fools?

-Too Many Dead


Special 3-part Series: Part II – Concerned Trucker Says “Slow Down Bear Bait!”


Topic: Concerned Trucker Says, “Slow Down Bear Bait”

Part II:   Not So Fast Speedie

Today we continue our 3 part “Dear YouDig?” Series to Highlight Highway Construction Safety.

Part I:  Be Bright! Live in the Light

Part III: Drop that Phone You Drunken Fool


Dear YouDig?,

I’m a Bull Hauler, and I’m infuriated. Whether I’m runnin’ to the Queen City, cruising to Mardi Gras, dumpin’ in the Dirty, crossin’ the Big Ditch or backslidin’ to the Big D, it never changes. Many times every day my convoy and I eyeball Bear Bait all over the Big Slab–especially in Destruction Zones!  Everyone from 4- Wheelers, Ant Eaters, Rooster Cruisers, Buster Browns, Pumpkins to Bed Buggers… say nothing of those crazy Crotch Rockets… are goin’ wild out there.

These Yahoos are puttin’ innocent lives in danger and need to Back It Down! Makes me want to pull up at the Rest-a-ree-a and call my momma. Tell me, fine sir, what is being done about Speedie?


-Guitar Gary, Nashville, Tennessee.


Special 3-part Series: Part I – Be Bright! Live in the Light

Topic: Be Bright! Live in the Light!


BULLETIN: Highway construction zones are among the most dangerous places on earth.

Today we begin our 3 part “Dear YouDig?” Series to Highlight Highway Construction Safety.

Part I:  Be Bright! Live in the Light

Part II:   Not So Fast Speedie

Part III: Drop that Phone You Drunken Fool


Dear YouDig?

I am  a highway patrol officer. It’s now road construction season. Most are enjoying the warmer weather and traveling to see friends and family. Sadly, every construction season we see catastrophic accidents in our interstate highway construction zones.

We were recently called to a nighttime scene where a couple in a sedan rear ended a slow moving dump truck while it hauled materials from a highway construction site. The contractor properly marked with reflective tape, all lights were working and the driver was operating the truck carefully. The truck, however, became progressively dirty throughout its trips. The reflective tape and lights were dimmed by mud and dust. Traveling across country, the couple was speeding, didn’t see the slow moving truck in time and could not avoid the collision. Tragically, both died from their injuries at the scene.

I know there are many construction zone safety laws… but still the accidents.  Any tips for contractors and the public?

-Stay Safe